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Hans-Christian Schink. Juoda saulė.

sausio 9, 2009


Kaip saulė tampa juoda? Kaip atrodo saulė, keliaujanti vieną valandą? Tikras, natūralus fotografinis procesas, kurio grožį atrado vokietis Hans-Christian Schink:

This photograph is part of a long term project entitled 1 h. The project will be presented as a
series of 12 images from different places on earth depicting the „movement“ of the sun during
an exposure time of exactly one hour. To create these works Schink used the effect known as
‘true solarisation’, which was first described by W.H. Jackson in 1857. Caused by extreme
overexposure the image of the sun within the picture turns from white into black.

An important impact of the photograph is the fact that the angle of the line of the sun is very
different depending on the latitude at which the image was taken. There is a horizontal line in
the far north during the period of the midnight sun but also the almost vertical line at the tropic
of cancer on June 21st, the day of summer solstice.

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Hans-Christian Schink (1961), winner of the first REAL Photography Award

Hans-Christian Schink was born in Germany and studied photography at the Hochschule für
Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig
, Germany.

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